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Sustainable Gardening Practices

You need to employ Sustainable Gardening Practices from at least two of the three categories below. To better help wildlife, we advocate using one or more practices from each category.

Soil and Water Conservation
  • Riparian Buffer

  • Capture Rain Water from Roof

  • Xeriscape (water-wise landscaping)

  • Drip or Soaker Hose for Irrigation

  • Limit Water Use

  • Reduce Erosion (i.e. ground cover, terraces)

  • Use Mulch

  • Rain Garden

Controlling Exotic Species
  • Practice Integrated Pest Management

  • Remove Non-Native Plants and Animals

  • Use Native Plants

  • Reduce Lawn Areas

Organic Practices
  • Eliminate Chemical Pesticides

  • Eliminate Chemical Fertilizers

  • Compost

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